45 Years of Experience

•        Serves the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Industrial sectors  
•        Focuses on maintaining a long term partnership with our customers and suppliers
•        Provides comprehensive service of quality, promptness, innovation, and satisfaction
•        Over 45-year-old, family owned business
•        30,000 sq. ft. facility located in Chicago
•        Helps its customers solve their problems
•        Attention is given to detail and process
•        Work has a 100% guarantee
•        Compliance to ISO/TS 16949

Two divisions provide a large spectrum of services:

Micro Tread Corporation
•        .Thread rolling & knurling is our specialty
•        Capacity – 0.031 to 7” diameter x 24’ lengths
•        Capability of rolling high strength and exotic materials to grade 12.9
•        Variety of thread forms including Standards, Metrics, Acme and Worm Gear
•        Multiple starts and special forms
•        Knurls including Diamond, Straight, and Helical
•        Emergency and Repair Services

Micro Tech Components
•        Precision CNC machining and Swiss type turning with 10 axis capability
•        Manufacture to ANSI, ASTM, DIN, ISO, & MIL specifications
•        Prototype and Production runs
•        Complete secondary operations and assembly
•        Supplied services of Heat-treating, Plating, and Testing
•        Full documentation and lot traceability
•        Managed inventory of parts and sub-assemblies
•        Engineering ideas to reduce production costs.

6260 N. Northwest Hwy.,Chicago,IL. 60631-1652  
P.O. Box 31219, Chicago,IL. 60631-0219
Phone: 773-775-1200   Fax: 773-775-1207
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